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What we do.

GASTO GmbH is a Swiss-based company, founded in 2021 from an idea of two passionate hospitality professionals.


GASTO GmbH provides ad hoc consultancy, tricks & tools for small to medium Hospitality outlets owners and managers striving for a stronger business insight.


“Raise business acumen in the Hospitality industry, to handle it carefree.”

Acumen: the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions.

(Collins Dictionary, 2021)

Although there is a lot to know about the industry, it is important for us to keep a more established business vision so that people can operate without worry.


“Provide support to Hospitality businesses with consulting services and tools to monitor their performance.”

Monitoring: the act of observing or recording an engine or other device or its activity or performance.
(Collins Dictionary, 2021)


GASTO is first and foremost a consultancy service. Our first task is to help and support our clients, and then to find the most suitable tools for their business.



Get critical

In order to improve, it is essential to be objective and accept criticism constructively and with a long-term view.


Acquiesce to innovation and creativity

Acquiesce means not to rebel: with the speed in which today's market moves, creativity and innovation are essential in order to be competitive and bring added value.


Seek full potential

To be able to take a long term view, it is important to set a goal and strive for the highest potential possible.


Trusted buddies

The companion with whom to start an adventure in the world of hospitality is GASTO. We carry on your project with you, hand in hand, until the goal is reached.


Outstanding Guest Service

Last but not least, the absolute goal of our industry is to provide the best possible service to the end customer: the guest.

The name.

The origin of the name is very simple: Gasto means "Guest" in Esperanto.


Hospitality is a guest centered business and must be perceived as one by every professional. Our focus is the quality of services, in order to satisfy the customer. Since guests are the one defining success and quality, it is essential for all hospitality businesses to take care of them in the best way possible.

Why Esperanto?

Esperanto is an invented language, with the aim to bring people together. The true meaning of hospitality is welcoming the next indifferently by their characteristics, because we believe in acceptance and enjoy everyones differences. 

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